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Is Your Anxiety About Work In This Top 10 List

Author.. Nans Stephens 2017 What is This Anxiety About Work All About?     Have you developed an anxiety about work? Was it due to fear, a past traumatic experience, uncertainty about job security? These are question that have often plagued the consciousness of employees worldwide. As an ex employment consultant (10 Years) I have […]

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How To Stop A Panic Attack – Video Interview

    How to stop a panic attack and anxiety may be a lot easier than you think. A video interview between Joe Barry McDonagh and practicing medical practitioner Dr. Harry Barry. Both of these gentlemen have helped anxiety and panic attack sufferers  cure this condition. Joe Barry McDonagh is the author and creator of […]

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Overcome the fear of leaving the house

The fear of leaving the house is a symptom of agoraphobia that can cause a panic attack to occur if untreated. Holistic methods to overcome this phobia are available. In this article International Panic and Disorder coach Barry McDonagh explains how the phobia known as agoraphobia is linked to having panic attacks and how this […]

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What anxiety feels like and how to eliminate it

In this Article entitled Eliminate anxiety and panic attacks for good, International Panic and Disorder coach Barry McDonagh gives an example of what anxiety feels like which in turn can develop into a panic attack. Barry McDonagh (Also known as Joe Barry) explains some of the associated symptoms, bodily sensations into what anxiety feels like, […]

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Causes of Panic Attacks

In researching the topic of panic attacks and anxiety, here is an article written by Barry McDonagh (BA, DIP PSYCH) on the subject entitled Causes of Panic Attacks. In his article, Barry McDonagh (also known as Joe Barry) whom himself acknowledges of having suffered from anxiety and panic attacks places the pieces of the puzzle […]

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How to Prevent Free Floating Anxiety

  Free Floating Anxiety also known, as General Anxiety Disorder or (GAD) for short does not appear to have a specific gender or connection to any particular circumstances, nor is it stereotyped into one particular category. People who experience this type of anxiety report having general feelings of anxiousness, uneasiness, and tension for no specific […]

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Health Anxiety- Causes, Symptoms, Treatments

We live in a world and age where health anxiety is wreaking havoc in the lives of many individuals. According to The, this condition can literally ruin lives. Health anxiety appears when an individual worries too much about his health, thinking that he is sick or that is affected by a certain condition, although […]

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Emotional Distress and Anxiety Disorders

Everyone experiences Emotional Distress and Anxiety at times. People may feel nervous or anxious when they have to make an important decision, face a problem at work or prior to taking a test. However, Anxiety Disorders are different. They can cause a great deal of Emotional Distress and even reduce the capability of a person […]

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Nocturnal Panic Attacks

Nocturnal Panic Attacks are panic attacks that occur in the midst of your sleep. Sudden waking and feelings of terror characterise it. Naturally, it is terrible to be awakened by a panic attack at night, because it has all the major confusion and powerful physical sensations of a day time attack, combined with the fact […]

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6 Tips On How To Get Rid Of Anxiety

The fears, phobias and worry that you experience with anxiety disorders often seem irrational and difficult to overcome. Not knowing how to get rid of anxiety is a dilemma in itself.  However, there are many tools and techniques you can use to manage anxiety effectively. You can train yourself to handle anxiety symptoms with these […]

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